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Awakening Rules

Awakening Rules



This is a very simple rule. Please respect everyone. Everyone is equal. Not just our faction, but all members in PWI. The "Golden Rule" applies. Treat everyone in the same manner as you would like yourself to be treated.


The nature of the game encourages players to create more than one character, and this leads to people becoming members in more than one faction. This is understood. However, recruiting for other factions from your character inside of Awakening, is not only disrespectful, it is not allowed.

Chat Content:

Make sure you keep the faction chat PG-13 rated, with no spamming, no overuse of caps lock, trash talking, offending, causing drama, etc. (also see: Respect). Basically, if you wouldn't say it in front of a child, you probably shouldn't say it in faction chat. We're here to play a game and have fun together, if you're looking for other things you don't belong here.

The faction chat channel shall not be used to slander, belittle, argue with, or disrespect anyone. All disputes shall be handled on a private basis. If you find it impossible to solve your issue amongst yourselves, bring it to the attention of an Officer (Executor, Marshal, Director, Leader).

We are a family here and as a family we do not participate in World Chat bashing of ex Awakening members, or members of other factions. If anyone starts trashing our family in World Chat, please ignore them and/or black list them if you do not want to read it. If you feel it is particularly offensive, please take screenshots and report it appropriately.

AFK Status and Cat Shops:

In August of 2012 PWI has impleted a way to gain experience while being AFK. In lue of this change, and keeping the respect of our members that are trying to accomplish there gaming goals, we would like to encourage our afk levelers and our cat shoppers to please use an AUTO RESPONSE to let your fellow faction members know you are away.

  • If you are a cat shop, possibly post your co-ords so they can browse your store. 
  • If afk leveling, you could put an approx time of expected return so they can keep an eye out for you. (Server Time)

Again no one will be penalized for not doing this, but it is a sign of courtesy to your fellow members .

Faction Base Quests

Our faction has a base for the use and enjoyment of all members. We would like to see all members of Awakening do their daily base quests to contribute to the health and merit of the faction base. You will NOT be penalized for not doing base quests, BUT we will be using Base Merit as a way to track active members. Inactive members can, and will, be removed from the faction over time to make room for new active players.

Event Calendar

In the past Awakening has posted many events on the calander to fill our month, but then practicly no one followed through. Starting Sept 1st 2012 that will no longer happen. If you would like to have an event, then each and every member has the right to post the event and host it. If you make an event, it is your duty to co-ordinate, post and host it for the team.

Faction Recruitment

  • Faction membership is open to all respectful players that can be a potential asset to the faction. 
  • Any member of the faction may recruit.
  • All Officers have faction invite rights as long as requirements are met before they are invited:
  1. Player meets our current level requirements indicated in the Recruitment Section.
  2. Application to site is submitted and approved. (Applications will be reviewed by ranking officers. After an application has received the approval from a Marshal^ then any officer may invite.)

Chain of Command

Awakening has an open door policy. No one here is too big or too small to be involved in activities and conversations. We openly invite you to be involved with all members and officers at any time. BUT when it comes to issues, debates, fights or smaller issues we would like to encourage our team to use a chain of command. Instead of going straight to the leader or director, utilize your Executors and Marshals. Saving our Leader and director from having to deal with the little stuff will allow them more time to work on the big stuff.The fewer small things the Leader and Director are trying to handle, the more of the larger things they can take care of.



Inactivity from faction

  • Inactive members for over 31 days without leaving a notice may be removed.
  • Inactivity is measured by combination of four factors:
  1. You haven't leveled up for over 31 days (Level 90+ exempt)
  2. You have had no website activity for over 31 days
  3. You have not participated in faction events for over 31 days.
  4. You have not participated in base quests. (See above section.)
    We want to ensure our members are active and using the resources available to them. Such as our site and vent usage.

Leaving the Faction and Reapplication

If anyone leaves the faction, (or is removed), for any reason whatsoever, there is a 7 day waiting period before an application can be considered for resubmission. Re-applicants are still subject to having to be accepted through member approved voting. Any member wishing to rejoin Awakening after leaving must fill out a full application that will go on site for members to view and vote on.

Before a re-application can be submitted...

    1. The former member must speak with the leader and/or director of the faction.
    2. The leader and/or the director will then hold a meeting with the other officers to discuss the former member in more detail.
      (Reason for leaving originally, changes since then, ect.) 
    3. The decision will then be made by the leader and the director for the application to be approved, or if it needs to be submitted for member voting. 
    4. If it is determined that a vote is necessary, the application will then be presented to the faction for a vote for a period of one week.
      A vote of higher than 60% at the end of the weeks time will allow the former member to be re-admitted to the faction.
      The applicant must pass each step before he/she will be considered to be invited to the faction again.
      This process will only occur once. Upon leaving a second time, you will not be allowed to rejoin.